Tech Equipment

GoPro Camera

Use the tiny GoPro Camera along with a free app on your smartphone to record video and photos in almost any extreme situation you can think of. There's even a head strap mount so you can record hands-free.

Portable Green Screen

Set a movie on the moon, underwater, or anywhere else you can imagine with our green screen. Shoot in front of the screen then add whatever background and special effects you want in post-production.

PowerShot Digital Camera

Shoot photos and video footage with this camera. Easily import and share photos with its SD card. Ideal for family functions, vacations, or any moment that you want to remember forever.

Arduino Kits

The beginner Arduino set is a great way for any aspiring programmers to dip their toes into the world of computers and robotics. Free software is available to download on nearly any computer.

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

Check out a 500GB, USB powered hard drive for a week for the digital project you are working on. Extremely portable, great for transporting work or transferring large amounts of data between devices.

LEGO Mindsorms

This full LEGO set allows you to build, command, and control robots that walk, talk, think, and do anything you can imagine. Comes with instructions to build five different robots. Computer required.

Digital Recorder

Digital Recorder

Record high quality audio with the digital audio recorder. Make better than CD-quality recordings. Finally start that podcast you were dreaming of or share the song that you have been writing.

Canon Camcorder

Canon Camcorder

Shoot high definition video footage with this portable camcorder. Get up close and personal with its 57x advanced zoom. Start making the movie of your dreams with this great, user-friendly device.