Lost Items

Before 14 Days Overdue

When a patron reports an item lost before it is 14 days overdue, borrowing privileges continue without interruption if the patron pays for the item. The cost of the item is the publisher’s list price or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. If the item is found and returned to the library before it is 90 days past due, the library will issue a refund to the patron only if the patron provides the original receipt he or she was given when the item was paid for. Fees passed on from the collection are nonrefundable. The amount of the refund will be equal to the publisher’s list price or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price less all accrued fines for reciprocal borrowers.

Items Returned 14-34 Days Overdue

If the assumed lost item is returned within 34 days of the original due date, only the overdue fine (for reciprocal borrowers) or the maximum fine (whichever is less) will be charged.

After 35 Days Overdue

After 35 days overdue the library will no longer accept the return of the item, except at the library’s discretion. The publisher’s list price or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price will be charged for the item.

Patron Replacement of the Item

From time to time a patron may elect to purchase a replacement copy of the lost item. The library will accept this replacement under the following conditions (all must be met):

  1. The item must be an exact duplicate (matching ISBN in the case of books).
  2. The item must be in unused condition.
  3. The replacement must take place before the item is 90 days overdue.
  4. The patron pays a processing fee of $5.00.
The following chart applies only to situations in which individual pieces can be replaced.

If individual replacement pieces are not available, then the publisher’s list price or manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the full item is charged.



Item Replacement Fee (each)
Accompanying Booklets $1 
Bags $1 
Barcode $1 
Book Jackets $1 
Case: audiobook, adult multi-media kits $5
Case: most other a/v $1
CD liner notes $1
Puzzle or game piece $1
Security device $1