Meeting Rooms

Outside Group Use of Meeting Room

The meeting rooms at Addison Public Library are designed to meet the operational needs of the library and accommodate the educational, cultural, and civic functions of the community. The library reserves the right to assign groups to specific rooms as it deems appropriate.

Reservations and Scheduling

An Addison Public Library cardholder or a representative from a governmental or nonprofit group operating in Addison for the benefit of Addison residents can reserve a meeting room by following our procedure, posted online and available at the Guest Services Desk. Once the request is confirmed, the applicant must sign a liability waiver (and, if necessary, present payment) on the day of the event before gaining access to the room. The applicant must remain in the library throughout the group’s meeting.


  • Reservations are made on a first-come, first served basis.
  • No group may use the meeting room more than once a month.
  • Requests can be made between three days and six weeks in advance.
  • Repeated “standing reservations” are not permitted.
  • Groups must consist of fewer than 60 people.
  • Meetings can only be scheduled during regular operating hours; no one in the group can enter before the library opens or leave after it closes. All events must end 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • Groups that routinely cancel or reschedule their events or violate library policy may be asked to pay a $55 refundable deposit or may have their room reservation privileges suspended or revoked.
  • Exceptions to these restrictions may be granted for governmental meetings as well as for local, not-for-profit community groups that provide a service for the library, provided a room is available.


Local businesses may use the meeting room for private meetings as long as no buying or selling occurs on the premises and as long as no library policy is violated. Businesses must pay the library at a rate of $15/hr. to use the room.


The library provides tables and chairs, lectern, presentation easel (no paper), projector, and screen at no charge.

The library does not assist in setting up the room, but may offer help with the projector if qualified staff is available at the time of the event. Patrons wishing to test the projector ahead of time can schedule an appointment with the PR or Digital Services Coordinator after their application is approved.


Patrons may bring in their own refreshments, provided they clean up after their program. No alcohol or other intoxicating substances are allowed. No food served can be heated (in a microwave, in a toaster, over sternos, or in any other fashion) at the library.

Use/Care of Facilities

Groups are not required to put chairs or tables away after an event, but must otherwise leave the room clean and orderly. If the room is in poor condition when a group arrives, a member of the group should bring this condition to the attention of the library staff.

The meeting room applicant and the group that the applicant represents shall be jointly and severally liable for any breakage, damage, or theft of library property caused by members or guests of the group. In the event of such breakage, damage, or theft, the group will be barred from further use of the room and the applicant’s library card will be blocked until the library has been compensated for the affected property.

Nothing may be attached to the walls, ceiling, floors, furniture, equipment, or doors of the meeting room. A sign holder than can display an 8.5x11-inch sign can be provided by the library at the group’s request.

All other library policies apply to conduct that occurs in the meeting room.