Fines Free

Effective November 1, 2016, for Addison incorporated residents, Unincorporated residents who have paid for an Addison library card, Addison incorporated business property owners, and Libraries for All card holders there will be no late fees!

When an item is 14 days past the due date, your account will be charged for the full replacement value of the item. We’ll send you a bill in the U.S. mail. The card will be unusable until the item is returned or paid for in full.
When an item is 35 days past due, your account (if owing more than $25 in replacement fees) will be sent to the collection agency. A $10 fee will be added to your account. The item must be returned or paid for in full and the non-refundable $10 collection agency fee must be paid in full as well.
Please contact the Addison Public Library at 630.543.3617 with questions about our new Fines Free policy for Addison taxpayers.

Borrowers from Other Libraries

Fines are added to your account when an item is overdue, beginning with the first day an item is late. An email or mailed notice is sent to patrons when an item is more than seven days overdue. 

Overdue Fines

$2.00/day | max fine $20.00*

  • New feature films, Lucky Day films, video games, and Creative Studio equipment

$0.20/day | max fine $8.00*

  • All other materials

* or the publisher's list/manufacturer's suggested retail price, whichever is less.

We'll send you a bill for materials more than 14 days overdue. Accounts with fees over $25 may be sent to a collection agency. If you have any questions regarding a notice you received, log into your account or call 630.543.3617.

Pay fees online

Log into your account to view your fees and note the amount. Then, go to this website to pay them. Your fees will be removed from your account within 48 hours. If you have any issues, please contact Jenny Cuevas, Head of Guest Services (630.458.3322).