A resident is defined as any person whose permanent legal address is within the corporate limits of the Village of Addison. The Post Office and the Addison Public Library do not consider post office boxes to be legal addresses. Proof of current legal address must be supplied in addition to any post office box number. All residents who have Addison Public Library cards automatically have reciprocal borrowing privileges. (See Circulation Policy #2040 for further information.)


A nonresident is a person who does not reside within the corporate limits of the Village of Addison. Nonresident Property Owner/Business Owner A nonresident who owns property within the corporate limits of the Village of Addison.

Nonresident Property Owner

Illinois law provides for the issuance of one library card per parcel or property within the Village of Addison owned by a nonresident taxpayer. The card will be issued to a “sole designated person” who must be the owner, partner, principal stockholder, joint owner, or senior administrative officer. (75 ILCS 5/4-7) The nonresident property owner is entitled to one library card only per parcel. (See Resolution # 1987/88-003 and the application for nonresident taxpayers for further information.)

Formula for homeowners

The formula is as follows: Library tax rate x the equalized assessed valuation (found on the tax bill) = annual fee. If this is a new home and patrons do not yet have a tax bill, proof of the selling value of the home must be supplied. The equalized assessed valuation will be estimated at 1/3 of the selling price.

Formula for renters

The formula is as follows:

15% of the monthly rent. Example: .15 x $700 = $105

Low income renters who provide proof of qualification for Section 8 housing will be charged 15% of the amount they actually pay in monthly rent. Those whose housing is entirely subsidized and are paying nothing will be issued a card at no charge.