Free 3D Printed Hands-Free Door Opener

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the Addison Public Library wants to help provide our community with an additional way to protect your own health and the health of others.

This tool was created by one of the library's very own community members and we're grateful that they allowed us to share it with the rest of you! The tool is designed to fit on a keychain so that you can always have it with you when you'd like to open a door or push a button without having to wear gloves or use your hands.

Click here to fill out a form to request your very own 3D printed hands-free door opener/button pusher (pictured above). While our building remains closed, this tool is free for any Addison Public Library cardholder who makes a request (limit 1 per person).

Once your tool has been 3D printed, we will notify you via phone or email with instructions on how to pick it up through our curbside pickup service! Please allow 1-2 weeks for your request to be printed.