Displaying Artwork

The Addison Public Library invites area residents to display their art in various designated spaces throughout the library.

All artists wishing to display their work in the library must complete and sign an Art Exhibit Application form.

Hanging of art is the responsibility of the artist. Artists must use the hanging equipment provided by the library. No other means of attachment to library walls is permitted.

Artists are responsible for furnishing their own free standing displays and easels.

Display periods are from the first of the month until two days prior to the end of the month. Displays should be put up by library closing time one day prior to the beginning of the display month.

Displays must be taken down and removed from the premises by library closing time, two days prior to the end of the month.

The Library has the right to limit the number of pieces included in a display, and the Library will select the location for the display.

Artworks are on display expressly for public viewing and enjoyment. The Library strives to obtain a variety of subject matters, formats, and techniques and strives to provide adequate security. The Library does not assume any responsibility for the workmanship or content of the exhibits.

The Library is not responsible for damage to artworks while in transit, while on display or during the set-up or take down of the exhibit. Artists are responsible for providing their own insurance on all materials displayed at the library. The artist/exhibitor understands and acknowledges that the Library will take no extraordinary measures to insure the safety of the exhibit.

Artwork may not be bought or sold on library premises, nor is the Library in any way involved or liable in negotiations or finalization of the purchase or sale of artworks. Patrons seeking information on the purchase of artwork displayed in the library must contact the artist directly.

The Library will send a press release to local media on our general press contact list on all scheduled exhibits, provided the artists supply sufficient information to compose the press release. Artists are responsible for the preparation and distribution of all other publicity materials for their exhibit. One copy of any publicity materials that will be distributed (each piece for distribution) in the library must be submitted to the Library’s Public Relations Coordinator at least one month prior to the opening of the exhibit. All publicity created by the Library, and any photographic or written record of any exhibit, is the property of the Addison Public Library, and the artist/exhibitor recognizes, agrees and authorizes the Library to make whatever use of such, at any time into the future, the Library deems appropriate.

Artists will supply the Library with an inventory and condition report on all materials being loaned for exhibit. The artist is responsible for signing a return inventory which the Library will keep on file upon take down of the exhibit.

Artwork on display will be available for public viewing at all times the Library is open except when the exhibit room/area is being used for a meeting or program.

The artist is responsible for making appointments for the set up and take down of the exhibit at a time mutually agreed upon with Library staff. Artists may book an opening reception or lecture related to their exhibit. Booking and arrangements should be made through the Library’s Public Relations Coordinator.