Question or Complaint about Library Policies or Procedures

From time to time situations may occur that create legitimate complaints on the part of the public or constituents relative to the Addison Public Library. Complaints must be aired so that all sides of the issue may be heard and a rational procedure/solution found. When such a situation arises, the staff member should listen calmly to the objection. If it is a departmental policy or procedure, the library user should be referred to the department person in charge.

The person in charge should listen carefully to the patron's question or complaint. The library's policy should be clearly explained and a written copy, if available, should be given to the library user whenever the situation warrants it. If the library user still objects to the policy, he/she has several alternatives:

  1. Talk with or write a note to the Director.
  2. Appear before the Board of Trustees at the monthly meeting.
  3. File a formal complaint.

An "Incident Report" should be filled out if warranted. It should be remembered that the Library Board of Trustees has the final say on ALL library policies and has the power to alter or change such policies if it desires. Every user of this library has a right to object to any policy and should be treated with great respect.

Guidelines for Processing Formal Public Complaints

  1. The person originating the complaint must sign all complaint forms.The nature of the complaint should be stated as well as the relief sought.
  2. The complaint form should be filed with the Director.
  3. Where appropriate, the Director shall refer the complaint form to the relevant Department Head.
  4. The Director will secure a resolution or response to the complaint.
  5. The Board will be informed about the complaint and the proposed remedy.

(See “Management of Public Complaints,” Board Policy #2100, in the Board Bylaws and Policies Manual for further details.)