Children's Resources

Miss Humblebee's

Get your child kindergarten ready! Geared towards children 3-6 years old, access easy to use fun and interactive lessons. Skill levels assessments and weekly progress reports. It's mobile-friendly—use it on iPads, tablets, and smart phones.  

Gale in Context: Elementary

Put kids one step ahead using this digital resource for kids in Kindergarten - Grade 5 featuring 16,000 images, kid-friendly charts and graphs and more than 600 educational videos. Popular subjects include: animals, arts, geography, health, literature, people, social studies, and technology.

Scholastic Teachables

Thousands of searchable and printable educational materials for Pre-K through 8th grade, including skills and activity sheets, mini-books and lesson plans by topics.


Information on countries and territories including customs, lifestyles and social conditions. Includes a special Kids Version for elementary school students.

ABC Food America

See the kid-friendly version of A to Z Food America. Discover thousands of flavors and recipes from around the United States and explore ethnic backgrounds and cooking.

National Geographic Kids

Complete searchable archive of National Geographic Kids Magazine from its first issue in 2009 through the present. Geared toward kids ages 6-14. Browse the magazines, explore topics, and watch videos.

ABC World Food

See the kid-friendly version of A to Z World Food! Explore thousands of recipes and fun food facts from around the world.

Scholastic Go

Explore world newspapers, Grolier and Americana Encyclopedias, the New Book of Knowledge, videos and more. Limit by grade level from below fourth grade through high school for age appropriate content.


Geared towards stuents in grades 4-9, this resource covers more than 30 subjects in all areas of science using video, articles, and interactive content including experiments.

Biography Reference Bank

Geared toward elementary and high school students, Biography Reference Center lets you search for biographies by a person’s name or by category. Categories include actors, artists, athletes, authors, world leaders, explorers, scientists and many others.