Tech Equipment

The library has a wide range of tech equipment available to be checked out. Here are just a few of the items we have to offer:

GoPro Camera

Use the tiny GoPro Camera along with a free app on your smartphone to record video and photos in almost any extreme situation you can think of. There's even a head strap mount so you can record hands-free.

LEGO Mindstorms

This full LEGO set allows you to build, command, and control robots that walk, talk, think, and do anything you can imagine. Comes with instructions to build five different robots. Computer required.

External Hard Drives

External Hard Drive

Check out a 500GB, USB powered hard drive for a week for the digital project you are working on. Extremely portable, great for transporting work or transferring large amounts of data between devices.

Have you checked out the Creative Studio yet?

The Creative Studio is equipped with an iMac, loads of software, a keyboard, and other items so you can have fun producing, editing, recording, designing, and converting! The Creative Studio has the tools you need to finish any digital project you can think of.