Children's Resources

Una lista completa de todas las organizaciones que sirven a la comunidad de Addison. Escrito en inglés y español. Comprehensive list of all of the organizations that serve the Addison Community. Written in both English and Spanish.
145,000 maps for homework or pleasure. Outline maps, antique maps, political maps, geologic maps, biologic maps, and more. Also, Flags of the World, crossword puzzles, and other teaching tools.
Important facts about all 50 states and 5 U.S. territories. Flags, maps, history, climate, symbols, crossword puzzles, historic photos, and so much more.
Learn about the customs, culture, food, religion, languages, and points of interest for 175 countries world wide. Lesson plans, history, maps, money, and more.

Cultural information for children and adults covers countries of the world, the United States, and Canadian provinces.

Comprehensive data about countries, cultures, and travel from a business perspective. Outside the library

Practice tests for students and adult learners on a wide variety of levels, such as AP, college entrance, civil service, GED, TOFEL, US citizenship, and reading and writing skills.
One on one tutoring in math, English, science, social studies, AP classes, college test prep, and more for students in fourth grade through college and beyond. tutors are available in English and Spanish from 3:00pm-10:00pm.

Encyclopedia articles on science and technology and science in the news for middle and high school students. Outside the library

Detailed information about fiction books and authors for students in grades K-8.

Una enciclopedia en el idioma español para hispanohablantes y estudiantes de español. Afuera de la biblioteca

A comprehensive encyclopedia for Spanish speakers and Spanish language students. Outside the library

The True Books series covering science, history, and social studies with online activities and quizzes.