Unattended Children

Children under age ten must be directly supervised by a parent or other adult caregiver (age 16 years and older) at all times while in the library. If at any time the child is unattended, the following will occur:

  1. If the parent or caregiver is in the building, a staff member will accompany the child through the library to reunite the child with the adult caregiver.
  2. If the child is alone in the library, a staff member will call the parent or guardian and request that the child be picked up. If the parents cannot be immediately reached, the police will be asked to assume responsibility.

Unattended children age ten or older are free to utilize the library's resources as long as needed, provided that their behavior is not disruptive to other patrons or to staff members. Children not accompanied by a parent in the library must have their school ID or some other form of legal identification with them, and must present it to staff upon request. Disruptive children, attended or unattended, may be asked to leave the library after one warning. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children in the library, whether or not the parents are in attendance. Library staff may notify the appropriate authorities if they have reason to suspect that there is significant evidence of abuse or neglect.