Summer Reading 2021

summer reading artworkThere's still time to enjoy Summer Reading!

Summer Reading has been a great success! You can still register for your Summer Reading bag and book. Make sure to check out the catalog to find out what books are available!

This summer we're doing something a little bit different. We still have a wonderful selection of books for all ages, but this year you'll be receiving your prize right along side your book!

Every book comes with:

  • A tote bag
  • Your selected book
  • Customized goodies inspired by the book you're reading

You get to keep the bag, the book, and everything inside! Summer reading is for everyone: adults, teens, and kids!

We encourage you to take your time enjoying the book and the surprises inside the bag to fully experience the love and excitement of reading. No need to log your books or time spent reading; just relax and enjoy!

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