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Board of Trustees Meeting - Agenda & Minutes

Board Members Being Sworn In

The Board encourages residents to attend meetings. If you have any questions or concerns about attending a meeting, please contact the director Mary Medjo Me Zengue.

Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  

Visit our Meet the Board page for Board of Trustee contact information and Board Bylaws.

We are required by law to have our agendas posted at least 48 hours prior to each meeting, and we are also required to have minutes posted within 10 days of their approval. We are happy to comply with these laws, as we truly value transparency in government. Visit our BoardBook Premier page to see current agendas and minutes.

Agendas and minutes from 2008 - June 2023 are available by submitting a FOIA request.

Board meetings are recorded and aired on ACTV. They can also be viewed online.

The recordings of board meetings conducted in the Zoom format can be viewed below.
- January 2022 Board Meeting
June 2021 Board Meeting
May 2021 Board Meeting
April 2021 Board Meeting
- March 2021 Board Meeting (Part 1 and Part 2)
February 2021 Board Meeting
January 2021 Board Meeting
December 2020 Board Meeting
- May 2020 Board Meeting (Part 1, and Part 2).