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6.7 Exam Proctoring


In support of its mission to promote lifelong learning the Addison Public Library will proctor exams for students with valid Addison Public Library cards. Exam proctoring for non- Addison Public Library card holders will be considered on a case-by-case basis and approval will be based on available staffing. 

Exams are administered by appointment only and applications for proctoring must be submitted at least seven days in advance. The library does not guarantee to the school the name of an individual proctor. Any Adult Specialist may act as the proctor. 

The Library will proctor both written and online exams. Online testing may be done via a Library computer or the student’s personal laptop. The Library will not download software onto Library computers that is not compatible with the library’s network. The Library cannot guarantee that technical problems will not occur when using the Library’s network or its computers. 

The student must make arrangements with the school to have written tests sent to the Exam Proctoring Coordinator at the Library. All tests must be accompanied by a postage paid envelope to send the test back. The Library does not accept the cost of mailing tests back to schools. Students are not allowed to mail their own tests back. The Library will fax tests back to schools. 

Exams will be mailed or faxed back to the school within 24 hours. The Library is not responsible for US mail service delays and does not provide a receipt of mailing. 

In all cases, the librarian proctoring an exam will verify identification of the student and exams will be conducted within immediate sight of the reference desk, but the proctoring librarian will also be assisting other library users and will not sit with the student and “watch” them. If a school requires a proctor to sit with the student while they take the test, the Library will be unable to proctor that exam. The Library agrees to provide a reasonably quiet space for students to undertake the exam but students should be mindful that the Library is a public building. 


All students must complete an exam proctoring application which will specify the name of the institution offering the exam, contact information of the teacher or testing center administrator, and specific information regarding the requirements of the proctored exam, duration of the testing time, and use of external resources.

For written tests, the student should contact the Reference Desk 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam date to be sure the exam has arrived.

Exams that have not been taken within 4 weeks of receipt at the library will be mailed back, blank, to the school.