Home Delivery

If you’re an Addison resident (or paying cardholder) who is unable to visit the library for at least four weeks due to illness, disability, or other circumstance; you are welcome to order our items to be delivered to your door.

What kind of items can I borrow this way?

Almost everything at the library, including books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and children’s items. You may check out 10 items at a time.

Will there be late fees if I keep things for longer than four weeks?

There is no risk of late fees, and all items can be renewed unless someone else has reserved it. Damaged materials and lost materials will still be charged to the patron, and patrons who already have more than $10 in fines need to pay off their fines before they’re eligible to borrow.

How does it work?

Delivery and pick-up will happen approximately once every two to four weeks. Our Community Engagement staff will contact you to schedule an appointment to deliver when you are at home.

Great! How do I get started?

Call Community Engagement at 630.458.3356 or email CommunityEngagement@addisonlibrary.org.