Get a Card

Residents of incorporated Addison can sign up for their library card at no cost.

Residents of unincorporated Addison may purchase a library card for a fee that will be calculated using your property tax bill. This calculated fee is based on a formula determined by the Illinois State Library and is equal to the percentage of property taxes incorporated residents automatically pay. Review our map to check whether you live in incorporated or unincorporated Addison.

If you are unable to afford a nonresident card, you might be eligible for our Library Cards for All program.

What do I need to get a library card?

Bring in two forms of identification: one photo ID and one proof of address.

Acceptable photo ID: Driver’s license or temporary secure paper license, state ID or temporary secure state ID, firearms owner identification (FOID) card, passport, permanent resident or immigration card, school-issued ID (current year)

Acceptable proof of address: Bills from current or previous month: utilities, credit card, cable, phone (paper or electronic), bank statement from current or previous month (paper or electronic), current car registration, property tax bill, rental agreement or lease, insurance card (with address, paper or electronic), school verification letter, recent report card (with address), recent transcript (with address), credit card

Residents of Incorporated Addison

  • Over 18 - Photo ID and proof of address
  • Under 18 - Photo ID and proof of address. Parent/guardian must be present.
    • Teens may get a teen restricted library card without a parent/guardian present that will allow you to borrow a combination of up to three books, magazines, DVDs or audiobooks.
      • To borrow video games or electronic equipment, please bring a parent or guardian to the library to sign up for our Under 18 library card.

Non-residents (Unincorporated Addison)

Photo ID and property tax bill, rental agreement, or lease. An annual fee will be calculated based on your property tax bill.

Addison Business Owner

Photo ID and copy of your property tax bill, business license, letter of incorporation, rental agreement, or lease.

Reciprocal Borrower

If you live outside of Addison and you are in good standing with your home library, you may sign up as a reciprocal borrower with a photo ID and your home library card.

Library Cards for All

The Friends of the Library generously sponsor free library cards to nonresidents who are part of the TANF program and have a child in School District 4. Family members who live at the same address are all eligible for these cards. Please bring in this completed application or stop by the Guest Services desk for a copy.

Completed applications must include:

  1. One Library Card Subsidy Application per family, with parents’ names, children’s names, and principal’s signature. 
  2. A rental agreement, lease, or most recent property tax bill per family. 
  3. To receive a card, each family member over 18 must appear in person with two pieces of identification. One of those pieces must have their name and current address. Family members under 18 must come with a qualifying adult. All library cards expire one year from the date of issue.

How do I renew my expired library card?

We will need to verify that you are a resident of Addison, so please bring a photo ID and a proof of address when you come to renew your library card. If you have a nonresident, reciprocal, or business library card you may need other identification; please reference the information above to confirm what you may need. 

If you have outstanding fees for overdue materials, lost items, etc., you must pay those fees before renewing your library card.

How do I replace a lost card?

If you have lost your library card, please let staff at Guest Services know as soon as possible and they will be happy to issue you a new card for a $2.00 fee. Stop by the desk next time you're in or call them at 630.543.3617.


Give us a call at 630.543.3617 or stop by the Guest Services Desk.