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If you would like to schedule an appointment to learn how to use our digitization equipment, please fill out our Schedule an Appointment form or contact the Creative Services Coordinator at

8mm and Super 8 Film

The library has a Wolverine MovieMaker Pro for scanning and converting 8mm and Super 8 film reels into digital video.

  • Converts film reels to MPEG-4 (MP4) digital movie files at 1080P
  • Supports up to 9" reels
  • SD card required for storage (up to 32GB max)


The library has a Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS450 for batch scanning photographs.

  • Scan up to 30 photos a minute
  • Scan photos as small as 2" x 2.25" or as large as 8.5" x 11.7"
  • Resolution: 200, 600, or 1200dpi
  • Flash drive required for storage

Slides & Negatives

The library has an Epson V700 for scanning documents, photographs, slides, negatives, and other transparencies.

  • Scan 12 slides or 16 negatives at once
  • Resolution: 6400 dpi

VHS Tapes

The library has an ElGato Video Capture unit for converting VHS or other analog video sources to a digital format, which can be burned to a flashdrive or stored on a DVD.

  • Conversion takes place in real time
  • Video format: H.264 or MPEG-4
  • Save on a flash drive, burn to a DVD, or upload to Youtube

Audio Cassettes/Vinyl

The library has an Ion Tape Express Plus and Archive LP to convert audio cassettes or vinyl to a digital format.

  • Conversion takes place in real time
  • Save as an mp3 file or burn to a CD

DVD and CDs

The library offers Toast Titanium 11 software for burning and copying DVDs and CDs.

  • The library offers one complimentary DVD or CD to each patron, however patrons are expected to supply their own if they want more.


Concerns about copyright infringement extend to the use of equipment to duplicate copyright-protected documents and graphic materials. Each patron assumes all responsibility for observing copyright restrictions when using equipment in the library.