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About the Renovation

We're excited to share the latest updates on our ongoing building project aimed at enhancing your library experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

With a project of this size, we understand that the community will have questions. Click on the categories below to expand.

General Questions

Didn’t you just renovate?

Our renovation in 2016 refreshed our building. The project was related to the general wear-and-tear of our facilities, and included carpeting, updated signage, additional study rooms, and reconfigured seating and spaces. Since then, we've welcomed over 1.6 million visitors in our building!

Did the Village approve of this?

While the Village Board did grant approval for the proposed expansion in October 2022, in July 2023 they requested that the Library delay plans to move forward with the expansion while plans for a community-wide project to serve the youth in the Addison is explored.

Who should we contact if we have questions or comments about the renovation project?

We welcome anyone to reach out to the Board of Trustees at You can also contact Library Director Mary Medjo Me Zengue at 630.458.3300 or with any questions or comments. 

We encourage community members to attend our monthly board meetings, which meet the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM here at the library. More information about board meetings, including meeting minutes, can be found at

We love to hear from our community and we encourage you to reach out! We also have comment cards at our service desks and an online comment form at

Wasn't construction expected to begin in January 2024?

At the September 2023 meeting of the Addison Public Library Board of Trustees, the Library Board voted to suspend the previously announced building project, which had an expected start date of January 2024. The timeline for this project has shifted as the revised project has progressed, and we now have an expected construction start date of January 2025. 

How can I stay up to date about the renovation?

We will share updates and information regarding the building project on this page, You can also access the most recent Addison Public Library Board of Trustees agendas and minutes, including proposed revised project scopes, at

Finances & Budget Questions

Where is the library getting the money for this?

The library has been saving for this project since 2007. 16 years ago, we started with $1 million to invest, and we have continued to add to our capital improvement fund at the end of every fiscal year since in order to make fiscally responsible decisions for this project.  

What will this cost?

The budget and project scope continues to be refined as we look at additional needs such as HVAC work. We anticipate the final budget to be around $9.5 million. We will not increase our levy, borrow funds, or seek a referendum to fund this project. The library has saved sufficient funds since 2007 to cover the cost of a building project and future maintenance.

Are my taxes going up?

The tax levy will not be increased to pay for the building project. This project’s budget has been a result of the library saving funds since 2007. The funds come directly from our capital improvement fund, which must only be spent on building-related projects.

Who is paying for the renovation?

95% of the library’s yearly funding comes from incorporated Addison property taxes. The remaining 5% comes from Per Capita Grant, fees (like printing and faxing), and interest on investments. 

Did you know that for every dollar you pay in property taxes, just under 6 cents goes to the library? To see all the ways you can get the most value from your library card, visit

Is the library still paying off the current building?

No. The last of the bonds issued by the Village of Addison for the construction of the current library building were fully paid off by April 30, 2017, as confirmed by the Village's audit reports from FY2016 to FY2018. All revenue used to pay off this debt came from sales tax, not property taxes.

Project Details Questions

How will library operations be impacted by the renovation?

At this time, we do not know the full scope of the renovation project. If construction will impact library operations such as book returns, programs, study rooms, etc., we will share all of that information on this page as soon as it is available. New frequently asked questions will also be added as the project progresses.

When does the renovation begin?

At this time, we anticipate construction for the renovation will begin in January 2025. We will share updates and phasing information regarding the building project on this page as soon as it is available. 

What changes will be made with this renovation?

Our goal is to create a more accessible, engaging, and user-friendly environment for everyone in our community. Below are some of the key improvements and additions you can look forward to:

  • Drive-up window
  • New makerspace with advanced equipment 
  • Lobby improvements for better flow
  • New automatic front doors for better accessibility
  • Renovated staff spaces
  • Separation of teen space from second floor computers
  • Collections grouped together for better browsing
  • Engaging play space in the children's area
  • Furniture and flooring replacement

Why don’t you build another library branch?

We previously investigated the possibility of a west branch. It was determined that we would need an ongoing, annual increase of at least $1 million to our annual budget to support another branch — including pay for collections, staff, technology, insurance, and other overhead fees. ​

What about the District 88 Transition students?

While the project scope for our renovation has yet to be determined, we will continue our partnership with the District 88 Transition Program. We are working with our architects to explore options for continuing the Perks & Possibilities Café program, perhaps in another location within our building. Students in this program also work closely with staff in our Guest Services and Materials Management departments on various tasks such as checking in items, sorting returned items, and shelving and alphabetizing DVDs and video games to help strengthen their job and life skills.