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7.2 Unattended Children

The Addison Public Library welcomes people of all ages to use its facilities and services, and the safety and well-being of library patrons is a primary objective. All visitors are subject to the rules of behavior found in Section 6.1 of the Addison Public Library’s Public Service Policies. Parents, guardians, and caregivers are responsible for the behavior and safety of those needing care in the library, whether supervised or unsupervised. Because individuals develop at different rates, there is no universal age in which all visitors are ready to cope with the variety of circumstances they may face alone in a public space. Library staff members are not permitted to assume responsibility for the safety, care, or supervision of library visitors of any age. 

Any visitor violating the rules of behavior will be asked to desist from such activity immediately. Unsupervised children and other patrons needing care must be able to tell staff their full name; parent, guardian, or caregiver's name; and parent, guardian, or caregiver's phone number upon request. If a guardian cannot be reached, the police will be notified. Violations of the Library’s Behavior Policies may lead to the loss of some or all library privileges of the parent, guardian, or caregiver and those in their care.