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5.1 Public Computer and Internet Use Policy

The Addison Public Library provides access to a broad range of information resources, including those available through the Internet. The Internet is a global electronic network that maintains no regulatory control of its users or content. The Library has no control over the content of these resources. 

Users should be aware that not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, current, or reliable information. Internet users are responsible for the web sites they access and use the Internet and information obtained from it at their own risk. Library staff are trained to offer expert assistance in navigating the Internet and in evaluating Internet resources. Users are encouraged to ask staff for recommendations and guidance on finding and using authoritative websites. The Library makes every effort to protect patron privacy and information security but cannot guarantee either due to the nature of the Internet. Internet users are responsible for the information resources they access and use the Internet at their own risk. 

The library uses an Internet filtering system that blocks some objectional content as well as malicious content that may be harmful to the Library’s computers and network. Computers designated for children have further restrictions. Circulating WiFi hotspots do not have Internet filters in place. 

  • Use of this filtering system is not a guarantee that all sites considered objectionable have been filtered. Patrons can report inappropriate websites that are not blocked to library staff for evaluation. 
  • Filtering may block access to sites that are not considered objectionable. If this occurs, patrons can ask library staff to unblock the website(s) or help them find alternative resources to assist them in their research. 

The Library affirms the right and responsibility of parents and legal guardians to determine and monitor their children’s use of all Library materials and resources. Parents and guardians assume full and complete responsibility for their child/children's use of the Internet through the Library's connection. Users are encouraged to ask staff for information and advice regarding resources for children's Internet use. 

Access to the networks and the information resources at the Addison Public Library is a privilege. All users must: 

  • Respect the rights of other users. 
  • Comply with all applicable license and contractual agreements. 
  • Save personal files in online accounts or external storage devices. All user files will be automatically deleted from Library computers after a user session ends. 

The Addison Public Library requires that Library patrons using Library computers or their own devices to access the Internet at the Library do so within the guidelines of acceptable use. The following activities are unacceptable: 

  • Use of another patron’s Library card to access computers. 
  • Use of the Internet for any purpose which results in the harassment of other users. 
  • Destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized alteration of the library’s computer equipment, software, or network security procedures. 
  • Use of the Internet in any way which violates federal, state, or local laws, including copyright laws. 
  • Behavior that is disruptive to other users. 

Violation of the above terms may result in the suspension of Library privileges. Illegal acts involving the Library’s computers may also be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities. 

The library staff shall develop rules and procedures as necessary to insure fair and reasonable use of Internet resources.