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8.3 Question or Complaint about Library Polices and Procedures

The Library Board and staff are aware that occasional complaints may occur regarding library services. Complaints and concerns raised by library patrons will be given serious consideration. We welcome interest from patrons in the operation of the library. 

Complaints involving an inadvertent lapse in library service may be handled by a simple apology, explaining that it is the library's desire and mission to provide the best possible service to the community. 

Complaints which cannot be quickly resolved to the patron’s satisfaction may be referred to the person in charge. 

The person in charge shall listen carefully to the patron's question or complaint. If a complaint involves a library policy, the Library's policy shall be clearly explained and a written copy, if available, shall be provided to the patron whenever the situation warrants it. If a complaint cannot be resolved by the person in charge, the person in charge or complainant should submit a formal written complaint to the Library Director.  

Guidelines for Processing Formal Public Complaints: 

  1. All unresolved complaints must be submitted in writing. The nature of the complaint should be stated as well as the relief sought and the patron’s contact information. 
  2. The complaint form should be filed with the Library Director. 
  3. Where appropriate, the Library Director shall refer the complaint to the relevant Department Head. 
  4. The Director will secure a resolution or response to the complaint. Patrons who are unsatisfied with the Director’s response may submit a formal Statement of Concern. 
  5. The Board will be informed about the complaint and the proposed remedy.