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6.4 Programming

A program is defined as an event sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library. A program can be a single event or a series of events, be a scheduled or a pop-up event, take place inside or outside of the library, or take place online. Programming furthers the mission, values, and strategic priorities of the Addison Public Library. 

Programming is a fundamental component of library service that: 

  • Introduces attendees to library resources and materials; 
  • Provides learning and entertainment opportunities to meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of those attending the program; 
  • Raises awareness and visibility of the library to the community; 
  • Supports and responds to emerging community interests as well as established interests and demands; 
  • Expands the Library's role as a cultural and community center; and/or 
  • Extends outreach for underserved populations. 

Responsibility Statements 

The Board of Trustees charges the staff under the general supervision of the Library Director with the responsibility for developing library programming. 

Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program, or the views expressed by presenters. Parents are responsible for monitoring and supervising their children’s choices of library programs. 

Anyone who resides within the Library’s service area or who is eligible for a library card issued by the Addison Public Library has the right to express concern or provide feedback on Library programming and should refer to the Statement of Concern policy in Section 7.4. 

Cooperative Programming 

The library participates in cooperative or joint programs with other agencies, educational institutions, businesses, and individuals. Co-sponsorship is at the discretion of the Addison Public Library and is based upon the criteria listed above. The Library plans its programs well in advance. Thus, there must be adequate lead times to do cooperative programming. 

Neither speakers nor organizations may discuss their products or services at a program outside the bounds of agreed upon content. However, they may display related literature, which may be picked up at the patrons’ discretion. 

Program Registration 

Some programs may require advance registration. Though many programs are open to the general public, the library may restrict attendance to Addison Public Library cardholders for programs with high local interest. The Library may also restrict audience size and/or age level because of program costs, space needs, staff availability, or program content. 

As a courtesy the Library may request the contact information of registrants in order to remind them of the event or to inform patrons of a schedule change or program cancellation. 

Some children’s programs are restricted by age or grade level. To participate in these programs a child must meet the age criteria before or on the day the first program of a series is held 

Program Fees 

Though fees are generally not charged for library programs, it may be necessary to charge fees for such items as materials, food, or transportation. These fees are nonrefundable.