The primary purpose of programming is to introduce patrons to the vast services available at the Addison Public Library, encourage library use, and reinforce the concept of libraries as educational and pleasurable places to visit. Programs sponsored by the Addison Public Library support the mission of the library in the community. Programs that contribute to continuing education, informal self-instruction, profitable and pleasurable use of leisure time, and general enrichment of life are planned for patrons of all ages.

The awareness of the needs and interests of library patrons; the knowledge of other community resources and programs; and consideration of the use of library materials, funds, space, and staff help determine specific programs to be included during a given time period. Programs will conform to the accepted standards of quality and value, which are used for library operations as a whole. Staff, according to these criteria, will evaluate library-sponsored programs each fiscal year.

Responsibility Statements

The Board of Trustees charges the staff with the responsibility for developing library programming. Under the general supervision of the Director, the Adult and Children Services Departments and Public Relations plan and develop programs.

Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by presenters. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor and supervise their own children’s choices of library programs.

Cooperative Programming

The library participates in cooperative or joint programs with other agencies, educational institutions, businesses, and individuals. Co-sponsorship is at the discretion of the Addison Public Library and is based upon the criteria listed above. The library plans its programs well in advance in order to include publicity in the village newsletter, local newspapers, etc. Thus, there must be adequate lead times to do cooperative programming. 

Neither speakers nor organizations may discuss their products or services at a program outside the bounds of agreed upon content. However, they may display related literature, which may be picked up at the patrons’ discretion.

Program Registration

Some programs may require advance registration. Though many programs are open to the general public, the library may restrict attendance to Addison Public Library cardholders because of heavy local demands or may restrict audience size and/or age level because of program costs, space needs, staff availability, or program content. As a courtesy the library may request the phone numbers of registrants in order to remind them of the event or to inform patrons of a schedule change or program cancellation.

Many children’s programs are restricted by chronological age. To participate in these programs a child must meet the age criteria before or on the day the first program of a series is held. Proof of age may be required.

Program Fees

Though fees are generally not charged for library programs, it may be necessary to charge fees for such items as materials, food, or transportation. These fees are nonrefundable.

Adult Services programs of high demand, such as Internet training, may require a deposit, due at the time of registration. If the participant has perfect attendance at all the sessions, the deposit is refunded.