Public Computers Use


Access to the networks and the information technology environment at the Addison Public Library is a privilege. All users must respect

  • the rights of other users
  • the integrity of the physical facilities and controls
  • all applicable license and contractual agreements related to paid resources

The Addison Public Library provides access to vast amounts of information available on the Internet. The Library has no control over the content and takes no responsibility for it. Users must determine whether a source is appropriate for viewing, reliable, accurate, and up-to-date.

Permitted Use

The Addison Public Library’s electronic resources, technology, and networks are to be used in a manner consistent with this institution’s Mission Statement. Users are to be mindful of the public nature of the setting and to be considerate of other users, especially minors. 

If demand warrants, the patron may be given 5 minutes warning and must then relinquish the computer. Patrons are responsible for all printing charges.


Misuse of the Library's information resources, technology, and networks is prohibited. Misuse

  • saving anything on the Library's hard drives
  • changing any of the software configurations
  • damaging the computer system or data
  • circumventing any security measures
  • violating any of the usage policies and regulations
  • using personal software
  • violating any property rights of copyright owners
  • sending any fraudulent electronic transmission
  • using the Library's electronic resources to harass, libel, or slander others
  • accessing obscene or any other illegal materials
  • accessing any materials that could be "harmful to minors" in our open, public facility.